Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Race Update Letter to runners 9/5

Hey Runners,

I have ordered Technical T-Shirts for the September 11th 50K. You can pay for them know, online and they will also be available before or after the race. You can also come pick the shirts up at the New York Running Company on Saturday afternoon from 10-6. To order go to the event website and you can pay on paypal. To give you an idea of what it will look like, check out the attachment.

Security: Sunday there should be lots of crowds downtown for the September 11th official ceremonies, so be conscious of traffic and crowds. I hear the President will be in town too. We will be running north east to get away from the crowds and hopefully on the way back it won't be too bad when we run past the WTC site.

Route: I am planning on biking the route on Friday to check on any traffic detours that we may encounter. In noticed a couple of spots Saturday during my run, and there is some construction on the east river path too. Friday or Saturday I will post any changes, a map of my bike ride via Garmin, and I will pass out paper directions on Sunday morning. We will run up the east side to start, and go past the world trade center sight near the finish.

Finishing Times: We will record the finishing times and will post them on the website. So all you Marathon Maniacs and inspiring Marathon Maniacs you can get credit for your stars. I also plan on writing the race up and submitting the results to Ultra Running Magazine. We will have a book at the finish line or you can email or tweet me your finishing times if you miss the book.

Post Race: Thanks to Stephen England, who ran by this place we will have the post race at the Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club, located at 89 South St., North side of Pier 17, New York, NY 10038. . Should be a good way to unwind after the run, and watch some opening weekend football.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please give me an email.

Happy Running,


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