Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 11th 50K Directions 2012

September 11th 50K Directions

Directions: Run towards the East River Path by Ferry Termianl

Follow the path up the east side till 34th exit the park

Run along First Avenue till 53rd St.

Turn right on 53rd Street 

Turn left and run up Sutter Avenue till 60th St.

Turn right on 60th Street go down the ramp and enter east river park

Head up the east river till 120th Street goes over the overpass

Run west on 120th Street (Follow the bike lane)

Turn Right on St. Nicholas Avenue

Run up St. Nicholas Avenue till 155th St

Enter the Harlem River Drive Bike Path

When the Path ends turn right on to 10 ave  (don’t go up Dykman)

Stop at the Twin Donut aid station at 218th Street

Run west on 218th Street to Seaman Ave

Run down Seaman Avenue to Dykman

Turn  left onto Staff Street

Follow the green NYC Greenway signs

Run down the West Side Greenway passed the GWB,

Through Riverbank State park,

Cross street by Water treatment plant

Enter Riverside Park run down Riverside Park

Continue to West Side Highway

Take Right passed Harrison Street near Styvasant HS and the new park towards Battery Park City

Run along river through Battery Park City till you reach the Battery Park

Run along river past the Statue of Librty Line and take left at end of pier and return to Merchant
Market and Drink some Beer

Give your finish time to the volunteers at the finish or email me your time