Sunday, August 14, 2011

September 11th 50k Race Info Update

Date: September 11, 2011


Place: In front of the Main Entrance to the Staten Island Ferry in Battery Park. We will run North East towards to the Brooklyn Bridge on the east river. We will cut to first Avenue at around 34th Street untill we reach 59th Street. Then we will head back to the river until around 125th Street. We will cut through Harlem to till we reach the Harlem River Drive, follow the Greenway signs to the Hudson River path around the George Washington Bridge. Then we will run south on the west side bike path. We will pass the World Trade site on the way back to the finish at the Staten Island Ferry.


Support: self supported bring water bottle or hydration pack, money stop at bodegas, pretzel stands, the twin donut for additional nutrition needs.

Finishing Times:
We will collect the finishing times and post them on this website and send them to Ultrarunner magazine. Runners will get credit for Marathon Maniac stars.

Post Race: Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club, located at 89 South St., North side of Pier 17, New York, NY 10038. . Should be a good way to unwind after the run, and watch some opening weekend football.

Post Race: Beekman Beer Gardne
Registration: Close

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Marathon Maniacs Calender

We are a month away from the run. Looking forward to it. Feel free to share in questions, suggestions that you may have to make it a better experience. We will be stopping at bodegas, pretzel stands, bagel shops, and the Twin Donut as our aid stations.
Today the September 11th 50K was added to the Marathon Maniacs calender. So you can get stars. http:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Listed in Ultra Runner Magazine Calender

We are know listed on the ultrarunner magazine calender, so we are listed on more than just local facebook and the local NYC Ultra/Trails Meet Up group. See what kind of feedback this leads to.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Course Map

Course Map

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Sign Up

Three Ways to Sign Up

Sign Up on Facebook 

Sign up on the NY Ultra Running Trail Meet Up 

or leave a comment on this page and I'll add you to the list. 


Date: September 11, 2011

Time: 8:00

Place: In front of the Main Entrance to the Staten Island Ferry in Battery Park

Distance 31-32

This is the first year and we will have a book at the end to fill in your finishing times.

September 11th 50K

The response to my idea of having a run around Manhattan has been resounding over 20 people have expressed interest. A lot more than I had originally thought. So I have decided to set up this blog has the go to place for information. So that being said instead of being an informal run it will be a Fat Ass Race. Low key, there might be other things if people are interested.

September 11th 50K Run around Manhattan

I am putting together a run around Manhattan, it will be called the September 11th 50K on September 11th. It will be a Fat Ass 50K around the island of Manhattan to honor September 11th. I thought it would be a good way to honor the day. So far I have gotten some positive responses. We will meet at the entrance to the Staten Island Ferry and start and finish downtown. Feel free to get the word out.